we finish up the last exercises of unit 4 in our book and in our workbook.

On Monday please do book p. 117, number 3 (Now you). After that go to page 120, number 1a, b and c. Here is the listening text: https://playout.3qsdn.com/ba553d27-ab74-4d74-85ae-f5df850aea7c . After that please write down 3 sentences about the listening text: one „correct“ sentence, one „false“ sentence and one „not in the text“ sentence.

Here are the topics for the class test this week:

  • grammar: some, any, a little, a few (Bp 185)
  • grammar: present perfect (Bp 186-187)
  • listening about festivals
  • reading and understanding a text

To practise:

  • review the online exercises from last week
  • Book pp 102-123, 185-187
  • Vocabulray 234-242
  • Workbook pp 56-71

Yours Mrs Wosilowsky